Human Resources


One of the mainstream ingredients of the corporate culture of Empresas Copec is our commitment with the persons who work at each of Copec’s subsidiaries and related companies. At present our personnel, counting all companies in which the Empresas Copec has a shareholder’s equity of more than 50%, amounts to 34,545 persons. Therefore, the Company’s initial concern is to take good care of this group of people.


This shows up in the form of initiatives aimed at achieving the integral development of all employees and their families. Prominent examples of this active stance are training programs, study scholarships, complementary insurance, ergonomic and occupational health measurements and monitoring, and cultural and recreational activities.This policy has not only made it possible to create a working climate of excellence, recognized and valued by all personnel, but it also favors the development of persons in an overall, long-term perspective, covering their professional and technical potentials together with their social aptitudes.


The main result is the real commitment of employees with their company, which can be appreciated by our low personnel turnover rate. This translates in turn into an attitude of cooperativeness, a better disposition in dealings with customers and, in short, greater productivity for the Company as a whole