Education and culture



Empresas Copec is deeply convinced that the personal and social growth of people and the country’s progress can be achieved with education and culture.


The company has therefore been present for 25 years in the Arauco Educational Foundation, an institution that aims to support municipal education in the regions where Arauco operates by means of teacher development programs that enable them to give their students quality education. To date, the Foundation has worked in 34 districts and benefitted more than 575 schools, and over 5,000 teachers who educate 100,000 pupils every year.




Empresas Copec collaborates with Enseña Chile, an organization which selects and trains young professionals who wish to spend their first working years as teachers in poor schools to bring about changes to the educational system from the classroom. To date, this institution has supported 60,000 pupils and 106 schools in Aysén, Biobío, La Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, Metropolitana, Tarapacá and Valparaíso regions.


The company also makes a contribution to the work of the Belén Educa Foundation, whose objective is to offer children and youngsters in vulnerable districts in the Metropolitan region a quality education. Moreover, executives of Empresas Copec and its affiliates actively participate in the tutorship of pupils in third and fourth grade of secondary education. The aim is to inform pupils of the importance of continuing their studies and becoming good professionals. In addition, every year Empresas Copec awards the most outstanding pupil of each school the “Anacleto Angelini Scholarship”, which finances all the studies at a technical training center or professional institute.


Arauco, in 2016, inaugurates Campus Arauco, a higher education center developed from an alliance with Duoc UC Professional Institute, with the purpose of delivering an education of excellence under the alternation educational model to the young people of Arauco Province. Additionally, the forestry affiliate directly manages the Arauco, Constitución and Cholguán schools, which are renowned in Chile for their academic performance and excellence. And, right from the outset it has also supported Chile’s Child and Youth Orchestra program, particularly the orchestra of Curanilahue, which in 2016 celebrated its 20 years of existence.


At the same time, Copec continued to work on its Viva Leer (Long Live Reading) project, which is a program to encourage reading by forming a network of volunteers inside the company, a collection of books to be sold at service stations, the implementation of a virtual platform that provides support to schools, families and the community, and a competition to donate 75 school libraries that are open to the community. During 2016, the last 15 libraries were opened, totaling 75 committed in all regions of Chile.


Corpesca participates in dual education programs with technical and professional educational establishments in the north of the country, allowing students to undertake part of their training inside the company.