Research and Innovation



Scientific and technological knowledge is an essential element to make an active contribution to the country’s social and economic development.


For this reason, Empresas Copec inaugurated the Anacleto Angelini-Catholic University Center for Technology Innovation in 2014, which is open to all companies and enterprises aimed at encouraging meetings and interaction between the academic and business worlds to generate applied knowledge and innovation that meet the country’s needs.


On the other hand, through the Copec-Catholic University Foundation the company drives applied scientific research, promotes strategic partnerships between public and private research and development bodies, and disseminates the scientific and technological advances attained in the natural resources area. Every year the Foundation holds the National Natural Resource Development Project Competition and the Project Competition for Young Researchers, and as of 2014 the Higher Education Student Competition: ‘Apply your Idea,’ all to provide technical, financial and commercial support to various initiatives.




There is also a Private Venture Capital Fund, which is managed by Administradora General de Fondos Security and has the support of the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO), which provides capital for technology development projects with large future growth potential.


The subsidiary Arauco, together with CMPC, MASISA, the University of Concepción, the Catholic University of Valparaíso and Fundación Chile, is also part of the technology consortium Bioenercel S.A., whose aim is to develop technologies to inject second generation biofuels obtained from wood pulp into the country’s power grid.


Moreover, as of 2012 Arauco has driven an innovation project called AcercaRedes, which entails establishing, in sectors away from the large urban hubs, centers that promote the meeting of entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to drive community development. To date, three centers have started up in the center and south of Chile at San José de la Mariquina, Constitución and Curanilahue.


Arauco’s affiliate Bioforest conducts studies to seek procedures that raise the quality, performance and productivity of forest plantations and the wood pulp production process, and also apply state-of-the-art procedures in areas such as genetics, site productivity, phytosanitary protection, wood properties and the biodiversity of native vegetation. It therefore has biocell and biopanel areas focused on the research and development of wood pulp and panels, respectively.


Copec is part of the business technology consortium Algae Fuels S.A. with E-CL, the Catholic University of Chile, Rentapack and Bioscan to implement a pilot plant to produce biofuels from microalgae in Mejillones. On those same lines, Copec also participates in an initiative developed by Universidad de La Frontera to produce biodiesel from rape oil in the city of Temuco.


Golden Omega has made progress with the pharmaceutical certification process of its Omega 3 concentrate plant, after which its products can be sold globally as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Bioambar SpA continued to carry out research with Harvard University to determine the benefits of Omega 3 concentrates in curing or preventing cancer.


Corpesca and Orizon have in-house oceanographic monitoring programs, sampling, biological analyses of catches, and satellite data to actively contribute to fisheries research undertaken in Chile on how to make marine resources efficient and sustainable.