Business / Published May 22, 2023

Copec and Abastible lead in customer experience

Empresas Copec subsidiaries were recognized in the Praxis Xperience Index 2023 study in the Service Stations and Gas Cylinder categories, respectively. This index measures those brands that offer a better experience to consumers in the country.

In addition, Copec ranked second in the general ranking of companies that provide the best service, qualifying within the Group A of Excellent Experiences, made up of only 5 brands that obtained a PXI score of between 80 and 100 points.

The PXI – Praxis Xperience Index ranking is the first in Chile to evaluate the experience that consumers have with the main service companies in the country. The index measures more than 144 brands distributed in 33 sectors and is based on a sample of more than 54 thousand surveys conducted by telephone throughout the year.

Thus, Copec and Abastible continue working, day by day, to provide an excellent service to all.