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Our business management model places sustainability at its center. As a result, the Company connects, through concrete and long-term initiatives, economic development with social value generation and care for the environment.



Empresas Copec has a sustainable management model that considers business development, environmental care and social and economic value generation for its different stakeholders as its main pillars.

Thus, our model consists of 3 dimensions: social, environmental and economic.


With regard to the social dimension, we carry out various initiatives that contribute to the individual and social development of people, as well as to the progress of the country. In this context, it should be noted that, Empresas Copec and its subsidiaries implement various actions to encourage professional development and growth of their employees, promoting work environments based on values such as respect and honesty, as well as professional quality, training, teamwork and good interpersonal relationships.

In the environmental dimension, in Empresas Copec and in our subsidiaries we carry out various initiatives that help to preserve the environment and ensure sustainable management of resources.


Finally, in the economic dimension, we have management, investment and productive action practices that translate into direct contributions and promote social responsibility, business ethics, sustainability, honesty and transparency, among others.

Our sustainable management has been recognized by the major global indicators.


In 2019 and for the fourth consecutive year, Empresas Copec was chosen by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Chile as one of the leading sustainable companies. It was also included, for the second time, in the sustainable stock index MILA (DJSI MILA Pacific Alliance), which brings together the stock exchanges of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. This adds to the ratification in the sustainability of the London Stock Exchange, FTSE4Good, and in MSCI, a US weighted index of private equity funds, debt, stock market indexes, hedge funds and other portfolio analysis tools.



Empresas Copec supports Enseña Chile, an institution dedicated to the selection and training of young professionals who wish to spend their first working years teaching in vulnerable schools, in order to build a network of agents of change with the conviction and perspective necessary to impact the educational system, first from the experience in the classroom and then from different sectors. Enseña Chile has supported more than 60,000 students from educational institutions in the regions of Aysén, Biobío, La Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, Metropolitana, Tarapacá and Valparaíso.

Additionally, our Company and its subsidiaries provide financial resources to the Belén Educa Foundation, an organization with 12 educational institutions located in vulnerable communes of the Metropolitan Region that offers quality education to more than 13 thousand students. On top of the various initiatives that we carry out with this institution, it is the Anacleto Angelini Fabbri Scholarship, which is awarded every year to the most outstanding student of each school to help finance all their education in a Technical Training Center or a Professional Institute.

Our subsidiary ARAUCO contributes to education through the Arauco Educational Foundation, an organization that designs, develops and implements teacher training programs in the communes of Maule, Biobío and Los Ríos in order to provide better development opportunities for children and young people. In its 29-year history, the Foundation has carried out programs in 34 communes, benefiting more than 575 schools and more than 5,000 teachers, who annually serve nearly 100,000 students.




In 2020, ARAUCO certified its carbon neutrality, becoming the first forestry company in the world to achieve this goal. This means that the greenhouse gases captured by the company exceed its global emissions. This important milestone is a significant contribution and a concrete step towards addressing climate change.


The subsidiary sold 10-year and 30-year 144th bonds in the international market, for a total amount of US$ 1 billion, divided into US$ 500 million in each series. Being sustainable bonds, ARAUCO commits itself that an amount equivalent to that of the offering will finance or refinance one or more environmental and/or social projects.


For more than two decades, ARAUCO produces clean and renewable energy from forest biomass. Thanks to this, the subsidiary is electricity self-sufficient and sends excess power generated by its industrial plants to the energy matrix of the countries where it operates. ARAUCO is currently one of the major generators of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) in Chile, with an installed capacity of 606 MW, allowing it to send 219 MW to the National Electric System (SEN).


In order to address global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, Copec is implementing an ambitious plan that will enable it to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, taking into account all Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.


Our subsidiary has an agreement with the Ministry of Environment to promote the wood-burning heaters replacement program. This initiative has been implemented in various cities in the south of the country, particularly in areas where particulate matter pollution from firewood reached worrying figures. Abastible has already replaced about 300 heaters, in addition to numerous installations in Family Health Centers, rural posts, schools and foundations.


This agency seeks to promote education, encouraging the leadership of children, youth and adults, and the transformation of environments that benefit communities, being an important ally on the road to quality education in Colombia. The Foundation carries out five high-impact educational programs aimed at strengthening skills in children and young people in vulnerable situations.


The subsidiary, together with Fundación La Fuente, carries out the “Viva Leer” program aimed at encouraging and promoting children's reading, through the donation of libraries to vulnerable schools, the sale of books at service stations, a volunteer program within the company and its dealers, and a virtual platform to support schools, family and the community.


This initiative is sponsored by our subsidiary Golden Omega in association with Plastic Pollution Coalition, an international alliance for environmental protection. Under the slogan "Cuidemos las Playas de Arica” (Let's take care of the beaches of Arica), this campaign seeks to raise awareness of the serious impact caused by plastic waste on marine fauna, as well as promoting recycling and cleaning activities on the beaches in the area. To this end, volunteer work has been organized with neighbors and Golden Omega employers, and various informative activities have been carried out to raise awareness of this problem.


Our subsidiary has a close relationship with non-industrial fishermen, who provide a significant part of the raw materials processed by the company. Orizon gives them support to improve their boats and fishing nets, and makes technical transfer and information efforts necessary to improve the management of non-industrial fishing effort and the preservation of raw materials and the environment.



We present our seventh Sustainability Report, which sets forth the economic, social, environmental and corporate governance performance of our company and its subsidiaries during 2021, sharing the achievements and challenges in each of these areas.

This document has been built under the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard.

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