Business / Published October 4, 2023

ARAUCO promotes training program for women in Los Ríos

18 women will have the opportunity to become drivers in the forestry transport sector after completing a six-month course in the municipality of Mariquina to obtain a Class A5 professional driving license, which will enable them to drive simple or articulated freight vehicles.

This is the first version of this training aimed exclusively at women in the Academy, which shows the increase in female participation in the sector. Ignacio Irigoyen, head of training at ARAUCO, said: “We make sure that the training is of excellence, because it is the basis for safe work, both for those who perform it and for the community and the environment. That is what guides all of our programs.”

This milestone was also valued by public authorities. Francisca Corbalán, Regional Ministerial Secretary of Women and Gender Equity, said: “These initiatives are very valuable to encourage the hiring of women in non-traditional areas.”