Innovation, Sustainability / Published May 25, 2022

Copec achieves carbon neutrality in all its service stations

As part of the commitments made in its Declaration on Climate Change, Copec neutralized the emissions of its 678 service stations throughout Chile, the first major step towards achieving the company’s total Net Zero by 2030.

The subsidiary used a strategy that combined both measurement and certification of its carbon footprint based on ISO 14.064/2018 standards, as well as an active use of non-conventional renewable energies and the purchase of carbon credits.

As a result, 63 stations are currently being supplied by the Cerro Dominador thermosolar power plant. Its network also includes 21 with wind turbines, 10 with photovoltaic panels, another 4 with solar thermal panels and 2 with geothermal energy. The remaining emissions are being offset through green bonds.

Arturo Natho, Copec’s CEO, said that “climate change is undoubtedly one of the main strategic challenges we face globally and companies have the responsibility to use our creativity and capacity for innovation to solve these challenges and push for the necessary changes. At Copec we have updated our vision of the future and we are in a process of transformation with a sustainable and long-term outlook”.