Innovation, Business / Published October 25, 2019

Copec launches new EV Public Charging Network

Through a public-private alliance with the Santiago Metropolitan Regional Government, the subsidiary of Empresas Copec inaugurated an EV charging point in Cerrillos, an initial kick for a network that will reach 104 points in 2020, in the 52 communes of the Metropolitan region.

The first point of the Network, which will be the largest of its kind in South America, is located in front of the COP25 headquarters. During the coming months, new charging points will be enabled in order to accelerate the energy transition process, bringing electromobility closer and closer to more people.

Thus, a robust charging infrastructure, with free access and permanent availability (24/7), will be installed, generating the conditions for the massification of electromobility. Chargers will be located in public spaces such as parks, municipalities and civic centers. The network points will have two load 22kW outputs, offering charging times that can go from 2 to 4 hours.

During the ceremony, Arturo Natho, general manager of Copec, said that together with the momentum that the deployment of the Metropolitan Public Charging Network means, Copec continues to work to strengthen new forms of mobility. Along these lines, he announced that a new electric charging points of the Copec Voltex network, located in Temuco, will enter into operation next week, with which the subsidiary fulfills one of the commitments made in the Public Private Electromobility Agreement, signed on last May: connect 1,000 linear kilometers of the territory. The process does not stop there, since Copec aims to reach 1,400 km at the end of 2019.

“Electromobility has established itself as an undisputed alternative for reducing emissions worldwide. In Chile, Copec has led the development of the electricity charging network infrastructure, with the clear objective of accelerating the energy transition process,” Arturo Natho said.