Business / Published January 11, 2023

Copec opens Cerro Castillo’s first service station in the Aysén Region

On Wednesday, January 4, the first Copec service station was inaugurated in Villa Cerro Castillo, in the Aysén Region, in Chile’s Patagonia. It operates 24 hours a day and also has a totem for bicycle maintenance, a stopping point for mobile homes adapted for gray water discharge, satellite WiFi and charging for electric cars.

This way, Copec facilitates access to fuel for the inhabitants of Cerro Castillo, who previously had to travel more than 200 kilometers to refuel their cars. It also enhances the experience of tourists visiting the area. In fact, this station joins 26 other service stations that are operating from Hornopirén, in the Los Lagos Region, to Puerto Williams, in the Magallanes Region, contributing to the connectivity of people who live in the most remote areas of the country with low population density, thus contributing to their economic and social development.

Arturo Natho, CEO of Copec, said that this new station “reinforces Copec’s commitment to always support and serve the people and the country, especially in these more extreme areas.”