Business / Published May 22, 2019

Golden Omega closes acquisition of Norwegian OmegaTri

The Oslo-based company owns the patented technology to manufacture an innovative compressible powder with high Omega-3 content, making it a global leader in developing a product of these characteristics.

Under the GOtab brand, Golden Omega will offer a new product that will allow nutraceutical companies to offer Omega-3-rich compressed tablets in different shapes and sizes and incorporate it into multivitamin complexes or mix it with minerals, folic acid, phytosterols or other ingredients. GOtab will also allow pet food manufacturers to incorporate high content of Omega-3 into their products in a very simple and efficient manner.

“The purity and quality of our Omega-3 concentrates are the key factors that allow their use in different applications. OmegaTri technology perfectly fits with our products generating a high-quality result,” Golden Omega general manager Jorge Brahm said.

Expanding its products and solutions offering for the global nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and pet food markets allows the company to forecast sales close to US$ 50 million over the next years.