Innovation / Published January 22, 2021

Abastible develops innovative service with Blockchain technology

The Measurement and Verification of Savings and Emissions with Blockchain technology is a unique tool in Chile and in the industry, which generates reliable traceability and energy and environmental impact certificates for energy efficiency and/or non-conventional renewable energy projects.

Measurements are made using international protocols, so certificates are globally valid. Blockchain technology also does not allow the records to be modified, making them highly reliable.

“We must always stay at the forefront, thinking of contributing to people’s quality of life and to the sustainable development of the country. To achieve this, it is essential that we are prepared with cutting-edge technology and, for this, innovation is essential. In 2021 we will continue developing cutting-edge services and products with a focus on anticipating and responding to the client’s energy needs, developing tailor-made solutions with innovation and technology, promoting energy efficiency, along with concrete and sustainable environmental benefits,” says Paula Frigerio, Development Manager and Innovation at Abastible.