Acknowledgments / Published September 2, 2020

Abastible is recognized as the best company to work in the Energy and Distribution sector

According to the Merco Talento Chile 2020 ranking, the subsidiary is an industry leader that brings together fuel, electricity and water and sanitation services companies. Abastible takes part for the second time in this study that identifies the 100 companies with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent in the country. A total of 22,788 surveys were conducted to assess the organizations on three key values that influence and determine their allure: Labor Quality, Employer Brand and Internal Reputation.

The subsidiary ranked 28th globally and first in the Energy and Distribution sector. “Our work prioritizes having the person at the center of its processes, which includes our customers, communities and, of course, our employees. With them, we give life to an organization identified with the values of safety, passion for service, doing things well and teamwork, which means contributing with the talents of each one to a diverse, supportive and resilient corporate culture faced with the most challenging scenarios, as this year has been the pandemic and the economic and social crisis that the country is experiencing. At Abastible we have gotten through, thanks to the commitment of our formidable teams, who fill with meaning the service we provide to the communities of Chile,” said Abastible’s People Manager, Osvaldo Acuña.