Acknowledgments / Published December 26, 2022

Abastible is recognized for promoting the well-being of its associates

The subsidiary obtained a Seal of Distinction as part of the study “Integrating Personal Life and Work: Better Organizations 2022.” Developed by Fundación Chile Unido in collaboration with El Mercurio, its purpose is to contribute to the well-being and happiness of people in their workplaces in Chile. In this line, Abastible was recognized as one of the companies with the greatest progress in achieving this goal, through practices that foster a balance between personal, family and work life.

In this regard, Osvaldo Acuña, Abastible’s People Manager, commented: “For us it is of utmost importance to contribute to improving people’s quality of life; this is how we care about the health of our employees, and in this respect, work-life balance is a fundamental factor. We want them to be able to balance the different dimensions of their lives, to build happier and more motivated teams”.