Acknowledgments / Published December 26, 2022

Copec and Pronto Copec close the year with recognitions

The Cadem Citizen Brands ranking, which recognizes the “Presence, Relevance and Contribution” of the different brands in the country, placed Copec and Pronto Copec in first place in the Service Stations and Convenience Stores categories, respectively.

On the other hand, Copec was awarded by the Carlos Vial Espantoso Foundation with the “Triple Impact” Mention, which for the first time is granted to large companies that stand out in three areas: environmental protection, community relations and employee welfare.

According to the Foundation, the recognition is due to the multiple initiatives carried out by the subsidiary in these matters, such as the declaration of climate change, the replacement of fossil fuels by 2050, the high involvement in projects related to communities such as “Viva Leer”, and innovation programs for entrepreneurs, among others.