Sustainability / Published October 7, 2021

Copec announces carbon neutrality goal by 2030

With the aim of adding actions to help fight global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, the subsidiary issued its climate change declaration and announced a plan enabling it to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Arturo Natho, Copec’s CEO, said that “our value proposal is to develop and deliver products, services and solutions that meet the diverse and changing needs, present and future, of life on the move. We are and will continue to be a leading company in mobility, responding to the needs of the digital era, promoting new modes of transportation, renewable energy requirements and consumption. We will use all our knowledge gathered in fuels and today in electromobility, to drive and accelerate the energy transition.”

To support on this path, the company has since 2019 with a platform to accelerate its transformation process linked to cutting-edge technologies in the world of entrepreneurship, and research in the fields of energy, mobility and retail. Today, it has a broad portfolio of new businesses in these areas.

This year Copec’s objective will be to achieve carbon neutrality in its 673 service stations throughout Chile. To date, 64 of them are already supplied with renewable electricity, with the rest offsetting their operating emissions through carbon credits. As well as the aforementioned, other initiatives to address climate change are contemplated and goals were committed for the biodiversity and circular economy axes of its sustainability strategy.