Innovation / Published January 18, 2023

Copec will bring satellite internet to Chile’s extreme regions

In order to provide greater connectivity to the communities, the subsidiary sealed an alliance with Starlink, part of the technology company SpaceX, to install satellite internet in 74 service stations and, in this way, provide free wifi to customers and neighbors. The first antenna will be located in Villa Cerro Castillo, to later prioritize the initiative in areas with poor accessibility such as the Carretera Austral and Patagonia Magallánica.

In this regard, Arturo Natho, CEO of Copec, said: “One of the main advantages of this system is that it can provide a secure and stable connection in rural or remote locations, which was a determining factor for us to make this decision in line with our role in Patagonia, which is to support people and contribute to local entrepreneurship.”

Finally, the innovation will enable faster transactions and increase digital stability at service stations.