Sustainability, Business / Published September 5, 2019

E2E inaugurates first manufacturing facility in Chile

The joint venture between ARAUCO and the Belgian company Etex Group was born in 2017 aimed at improving the habitability and sustainability of construction, through the development of dry construction solutions with wood, for the housing and building market.

On September 3, the inauguration of the first manufacturing facility in Chile took place, an event that was led by the president of E2E, Cristián Montes, and the general manager of E2E, Felipe Montes, and was attended by the senior managers and executives of Empresas Copec, ARAUCO, Etex Group and E2E.

“Thanks to our manufacturing technologies we can reduce the delivery times of a set of homes from twelve to eight months. And that time economy is also accompanied by a lower generation of waste, since almost all the work is done at the facility, reducing the volume of waste generated during the construction. This is key, because in Chile a third of the waste produced comes from construction,” Felipe Montes said.

E2E has 60 workers and a capacity to manufacture 1,000 houses or apartments per year, through industrialized wood construction solutions with the latest technology, high precision, the highest standards and sustainable.

E2E is currently developing a 400-unit social housing project in Casablanca, in the Valparaíso Region; another of 230 houses in San Carlos, Ñuble Region, and engineering for the pilot of a 4-story building in San Pedro, Biobío Region.

“This is a very ambitious project that starts with a first facility in Chile, but with a broader look towards Latin America,” Felipe Montes said.