Sustainability / Published May 14, 2021

Empresas Copec and Belén Educa Foundation launch 2021 Tutoring Program

In order to provide guidance to students in their final year at the Foundation’s schools, 38 executives from Empresas Copec and its subsidiaries will participate as tutors in this initiative.

The Tutoring Program, which began in 2009 and this time will be carried out in a virtual format, is developed on an annual basis and consists of regular meetings between the tutor and a student, who will be guided for several months in order to guide him/her in his/her personal, academic and work-related concerns, as well as to encourage him/her to pursue higher education.

The launch of the program was attended by all the tutors, executives and employees of Belén Educa Foundation, principals, students and alumni of this institution’s schools. At the event, Empresas Copec’s CEO, Eduardo Navarro, highlighted this initiative as one of the most significant and gratifying that the Company carries out together with the Foundation.

“The relationship between Empresas Copec and its subsidiaries with Belén Educa began more than a decade ago and is characterized by a contribution that goes beyond financial resources as it involves various programs, with tutoring being one of the most beloved. I have had the privilege of being a tutor since the beginning of this initiative and, undoubtedly, it is an instance of learning not only for the student but also for the tutor. It is also an opportunity to help students to enhance their talents and find their vocation. And this is particularly important considering that our young people are the future of Chile. And if as a Company we can contribute to their education by supporting Belén Educa Foundation in its noble mission of providing quality education to students from vulnerable sectors, we feel very honored and grateful”, said Navarro.