Business / Published January 22, 2021

Empresas Copec is part of the S&P IPSA ESG Tilted Index

S&P Dow Jones Indices and the Santiago Stock Exchange this week announced the launch of the S&P IPSA ESG Tilted Index, which joins the global family of ESG indexes from S&P DJI, and is based on some of the most important benchmarks regionally and globally.

The index follows selection criteria based on rules that are based on relevant ESG principles in order to select and weight the components from the S&P IPSA, Chile’s main stock market index. Thus, it measures performance of some of the largest and most liquid stocks listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange, with the aim of offering investors specific exposure to the Chilean stock market while providing a considerable boost in the ratings that measure their ESG management performance.

Empresas Copec is one of the 26 Chilean firms that make up the new index. “The recent creation of this index at the local level reflects the importance for all market agents, both national and foreign, that companies continue to make progress in terms of sustainability. Certainly, for us to be part of this indicator is a recognition of our performance and good ESG practices,” says Pamela Harris, Deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs at Empresas Copec.