Business / Published July 31, 2023

Focusing on community dialogue, Las Salinas gets ready to execute land remediation project in Viña de Mar

The Environmental Assessment Service, SEA, reported details of the resolution that ratifies the favorable agreement reached by the Committee of Ministers in 2022 regarding the remediation project in Las Salinas land.

In this regard, Ricardo Labarca, Development Manager of Las Salinas, said: “It is good news for Viña del Mar that we can begin the preparation stage for the final remediation of the land and that its recovery for the city is feasible. This will be a remediation process that we will carry out rigorously, with high environmental standards and scientific thoroughness, to make these soils available for a future development, agreed with the community and which will improve people’s quality of life.”

Following the resolution, the company will carry out a program called Comunidad Informada (Informed Community), which incorporates a participatory monitoring plan that will be submitted to the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA) for its approval.

Simultaneously, Las Salinas will soon initiate an international bidding process to select who will execute the bioremediation plan starting in 2024.