Business / Published January 7, 2022

MAPA project moves forward and closes Line 1 of ARAUCO Mill

After 50 years of history, Line 1 of the Arauco mill halted production as part of the start-up process of MAPA, the Modernization and Expansion project that will start operations in March of this year.

This major milestone is very important for the subsidiary because in November 1971, the first pulp bale was produced at this mill, marking the beginning of ARAUCO’s operations.

Line 1 not only had an impact on the company and the people who worked on it, but also on the industry, the development of the region and the neighboring communities, which have been protagonists of the boost to the local economy provided by the pulp mill.

In the run-up to the inauguration of MAPA, a project that includes the incorporation of the most cutting-edge technologies, the last pulp bale of Line 1 was produced on January 3.

This key milestone was commemorated with a ceremony attended by Arauco mayor, Elizabeth Marican, the company’s top executives, community representatives, current employees and a group of former Line 1 workers. The meeting recalled the moments experienced at the plant over the last half century.

Cristián Infante, ARAUCO’s General Manager, said, “We learned a lot here, we were born here, and we feel very proud of what we have done in this great place, in this great community. I believe that the company’s commitment to Chile, to the region and especially to this area, to Arauco, is total, and we have demonstrated it.