Innovation / Published December 3, 2021

Orizon launches e-commerce platform for grocery store owners and business owners

After a positive 2020, a year in which the Empresas Copec subsidiary significantly boosted its profits, the company, focused on sustainable nutrition, is seeking to strengthen its presence in e-commerce.

Against this backdrop, Orizon launched in September last year its first digital sales channel “La Mesa de Todos” aimed at the end consumer (B2C) with a wide range of local brands including San José and Colorado, and international brands such as Nature Valley, Fiber One and Häagen Dazs, among others. Currently, this website has more than 200 products and more than 40 brands.

This year, the subsidiary took another step forward in its digital sales channels by launching the new web platform “El Mercado de Todos”, designed to drive digital transformation in retail and create a supply network that connects local stores with new products from the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Thus, through the digital world and making its products increasingly accessible to all its audiences throughout the country, Orizon takes a new step in its commitment to lead sustainable nutrition.