Sustainability / Published October 6, 2023

ARAUCO allocates one-third of its land to native forest protection areas in South America

The subsidiary committed to set aside 491,000 hectares for the care and conservation of native forests, an area equivalent to one third of the land it owns and manages. This is an important milestone in the company’s sustainability strategy, which goals include promoting the preservation of natural ecosystems and the protection of their flora and fauna.

This step is aligned with the 30×30 targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework, which seeks to protect 30% of the planet’s terrestrial and marine areas by 2030, emphasizing adequate biodiversity management, as well as sustainable natural resource management.

In addition, ARAUCO has also undertaken other initiatives, such as the restoration of 25,000 hectares of native forest, with significant progress in 11,000 hectares, as well as the preservation of 148 endangered species in the landscapes where the company has operations.