Sustainability / Published April 28, 2023

ARAUCO issues its first Sustainable Bond in Chile for UF 7 million

This is the first placement of bonds in this category in the country by the subsidiary ARAUCO. These instruments are rated as sustainable because they include a commitment to finance or refinance, for an equivalent amount, green and social projects. These can include, for example, encouraging the planting of trees, protecting biodiversity, promoting circular economy, developing products from renewable sources, and fostering local development during the term of the bond, among others.

These securities were for a total of 7 million UF (Chile’s inflation-indexed currency, approximately US$ 312 million), which correspond to lines “Y”, maturing in 2032, and “Z”, maturing in 2044. The series were issued at rates of 3.35% and 3.18%, respectively, and were rated AA/Stable (Fitch Chile and Feller Rate). The placement agents were Scotia Corredora de Bolsa and Santander Corredores de Bolsa.