Acknowledgments / Published January 16, 2020

ARAUCO North America won the “Partner of the Year” award

The subsidiary was distinguished in the category “Building Materials” in this recognition granted annually by Home Depot to its leading suppliers.

“Receiving this award is a great achievement for all our workers both in the United States and in South America. It was a collective effort, and I thank everyone for their collaboration,” Russ Jordan, Vice President of Sales, Imports and Marketing, ARAUCO North America, said.

For his part, Mike Hibbison, VP Merchandising Building Materials Home Depot, said ARAUCO leads the way in wooden boards. “It provides us with the most innovative and attractive product we can get, satisfying the needs of consumers. Also, it should be noted that there are two areas in which ARAUCO has gone far beyond what we expected. The first has to do with the data analysis performed by the company with the information we provide, which helps us organize the stores in a better way. The second is the reconfiguration made by ARAUCO of our shipments, ensuring that the products reach the point of sale more efficiently,” he said.

Thus, the subsidiary of Empresas Copec continues to consolidate itself as the largest producer of boards for the furniture industry in the North American market.