Innovation / Published February 16, 2024

ARAUCO signs agreement to protect wild areas in Chile

The forestry subsidiary signed an agreement with Conaf and Universidad de Concepción, to generate key information using new technologies to better preserve the Nonguén park, whose native forest represents the local biodiversity of the Biobío region.

Sensors, geographic information systems, cameras, drones and artificial intelligence, in addition to Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (Lidar) technology and hyperspectral imaging, are part of the tools that, through remote sensing based on laser pulses and electromagnetic waves, allow to create three-dimensional maps to identify species and forest heights, in order to contribute to better decision making for the care of areas such as this.

With these resources, Universidad de Concepción will carry out research to generate relevant knowledge, while Conaf will have more information for the proper management of the park.