Sustainability / Published November 18, 2021

Belén Educa Foundation and Empresas Copec close 2021 Mentoring Program

Empresas Copec and its subsidiaries participate every year in this initiative of the Belén Educa Foundation, aimed at guiding high school students in their professional development, through a series of activities where executives meet with students to guide them in their choice of careers.

The closing ceremony was attended by the students, who expressed their appreciation for the dedication of the 38 Company executives who participated in this edition, as well as the comprehensive support they received. Meanwhile, the tutors shared their views on the responsibility of having in their hands the guidance of a student who is living a moment of key decision making.

Eduardo Navarro, Empresas Copec CEO, who was tutor to Fabián Poblete from the Oviedo school, thanked the Belén Educa Foundation for providing this opportunity to young people and executives of the Company. “We had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. We are a business group that does great things for the countries in which it is present, but we are also concerned and very pleased to collaborate in transforming lives, as well as being a contribution to the students of our country,” he said.

Another of the tutors was Eduardo Donoso, CEO of the subsidiary Arcoprime. “It is a pleasure, it is a great satisfaction to see that one can contribute and that there is a good reception. On the one hand, to see young people who really listen and find what you can give them useful and, on the other hand, to know what young people are like in their reality, how they develop,” he said during the closing of the activity.

For Estefanía Palma, a fourth-grade student at the Oviedo school, the mentoring of the Arcoprime executive represented, in addition to a contribution to choosing her career, an accompaniment to face the uncertainty that the future was creating for her. “He was there to support me, he took away the mistrust I had and helped me choose my path,” she said.

Pedro Larraín, Executive Director of Belén Educa Foundation, said that the alliance with Empresas Copec represents an important mutual support to continue building a better country, and he valued the commitment shown by the executives to their students.