Sustainability / Published May 11, 2023

Belén Educa students receive the “Anacleto Angelini Fabbri Scholarship of Excellence”

In an emotional ceremony at Empresas Copec, a scholarship was awarded to graduates of Belén Educa Foundation schools, which provides resources for annual maintenance and support for higher technical and professional education studies.

Roberto Angelini, president of Empresas Copec, congratulated the award winners: “Your determination and dedication are truly inspiring. Keep moving forward and always remember that, although the road may be difficult, your community is here to support you on your journey towards a future where I am sure each of you will shine with your own light.”

Pedro Larraín, executive director of Belén Educa, appreciated the alliance of Empresas Copec and Belén Educa Foundation, which since 2006 has been a virtuous model of collaboration between companies and institutions with a public role. “This alliance materializes in multiple actions that we carry out on a daily basis. Thanks to their contribution, Belén Educa can achieve much greater goals and transform the lives of so many young people,” he said.

Empresas Copec executives also carry out the Mentoring Program and Master Keynotes. In addition, the Company provides internship and employment opportunities for young graduates.

Carmen Cisternas, Director of Institutional Relations and Outreach at Belén Educa Foundation, led a conversation in which students and parents shared the meaning of this scholarship for their families. Carolina Andrea Saldívar Pino, a graduate from Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez School, said that “having this scholarship makes me feel good, it makes me feel that with what I studied at school and with the support of my family I was able to move forward,” said the Gastronomy student from Inacap. Her mother, María Inés Pino, also expressed a few words to define Carolina’s persistence: “She sowed, she sowed. The seed went through many rivers, went through stones and here we are,” she said proudly.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Navarro, general manager of Empresas Copec, said: “Those of us who are part of this business group do not work only to deliver goods and services, but we have a much more transcendent purpose, which has to do with the contribution that we, as a company, make to society. And this type of initiative is proof of it.”

During the ceremony, the students were accompanied by their mothers, fathers, guardians and school principals.

The Anacleto Angelini Fabbri scholarship has benefited 130 students, the vast majority of whom are graduates or are continuing their studies in higher, technical or professional education.

These are the students who have benefited from the Anacleto Angelini Fabbri 2023:

  • CAROLINA ANDREA SALDÍVAR PINO, Graduated from Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez School. She studies Gastronomy at INACAP.
  • BENJAHMÍN ALEXIS PEÑA ASENCIO, Former student of Cardenal Carlos Oviedo Cavada School. He is studying Telecommunications, Connectivity and Network Engineering at INACAP.
  • RUBÉN DARÍO LAGOS GUERRA, Graduated from San Alberto Hurtado School. He studies Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation at Duoc UC.
  • MARTINA SOTO CUEVAS, Former student of Cardenal Juan Francisco Fresno School. She is studying Construction Engineering at DUOC UC.
  • NICOLÁS ANDRÉS REYES BLANCO, Graduated from Arzobispo Crescente Errázuriz School. He studies Computer Engineering at DUOC UC.
  • YTZEL ARIELA LAZO ROJAS Former student of Juan Luis Undurraga Aninat. He studies Graphic Design at DUOC UC.
  • FELIPE ALBERTO MARTÍNEZ MEDRANO Graduated from Cardenal José María Caro School. He studies Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Electromobility at INACAP.
  • ISAÍAS BENJAMÍN CAYUPI CUBILLOS, Former student of Arzobispo Manuel Vicuña School. He studies Ecotourism at DUOC UC.