Innovation / Published May 24, 2024

Copec and Abastible boost the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Both subsidiaries of Empresas Copec are carrying out different initiatives in support of SMEs and entrepreneurs, demonstrating their commitment to the development of the country and people.

Abastible signed a collaboration agreement with Conapyme, which seeks to promote short term payment for the services provided by small and medium-sized companies. The subsidiary will make available to the trade organization the experience acquired in the implementation of the 7-day payment system, which has allowed 96% of invoices from SMEs to be paid in an average of 5.1 days in the last year. This benefited 2,212 companies, representing 64% of Abastible’s suppliers.

Copec launched the third version of the Mueve tus Sueños (Move your Dreams) program, which provides tools and training to 250 local entrepreneurs to strengthen their proposals and boost their businesses. The initiative, which is carried out with the support of the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center, offers mentoring through a hybrid learning model, with lectures and workshops, and provides financing to the 25 finalists. In its two previous versions, this initiative has trained more than 300 entrepreneurs from different municipalities in the country.

Copec Voltex, through BancoEstado’s Mundo Verde MiPyme Program, supports micro, small and medium-sized companies in their energy transformation, providing consultancy and access to electromobility projects in order to continue promoting a more sustainable future.