Business / Published January 6, 2023

Copec closes purchase of Blue Express and steps into last-mile business

Through an Relevant Fact issued on December 26, Empresas Copec announced the acquisition of Blue Express after receiving the approval by FNE (Chile’s National Economic Prosecutor’s Office.)

The transaction was carried out through the subsidiaries Copec S.A. and Complemento Filiales SpA, for a total amount of $221 billion for 100% of the shares issued by Inversiones Blue CPA, a limited partnership operating under the “Blue Express” brand.

Blue Express is a last mile company, specialized in logistics services for e-commerce and couriers in Chile. As a result, Copec is taking a very important step to participate in a market that has grown very strongly in recent years, due to the increase in people’s demand for e-commerce services, and which still has a high growth potential.

This acquisition is in line with Copec’s purpose, which is to promote the development and mobility of people, companies and the country.

To read the Relevant Fact, click here.