Acknowledgments / Published June 24, 2021

Copec honors more than 40,000 health care workers for their role in the pandemic

By delivering breakfasts and snacks to all staff in the medical centers with the greatest coverage in the Metropolitan Region, Copec successfully closed the first stage of its “Hospitals” initiative. With this action, the subsidiary acknowledged the vocation and commitment of all health workers, who have worked hard and tirelessly during the last 15 months.

In this phase, 14 hospitals were benefited and, in a second phase that has already begun, there are plans to repeat the experience in regions. “We have seen the service vocation of health workers, despite the fatigue accumulated in the past year and a half. We value what they do for the country and their compatriots, for this reason we wanted to give a sign of recognition and respect. We took our Pronto store and its products to surprise them and change their routine, even if only for a moment,” said Arturo Natho, Copec’s CEO.

The activity is part of the “Copec at the Service of Chile” program, launched in March 2020 with the aim of proposing, developing and implementing actions to join efforts to address the health emergency in the areas of food, heating, research and donations to institutions, among others.