Innovation / Published February 12, 2024

Copec introduces the first battery exchange system for electric motorcycles

The subsidiary signed an agreement with Taiwanese startup Gogoro, which will represent a milestone in the evolution of electromobility in two-wheeled vehicles. The company is currently developing the first Latin American network of battery exchange stations (“Go Stations”), in Santiago de Chile and Bogota, in Colombia, being the first countries to have them.

The system will allow users to leave the discharged battery at the station and take a charged one with them. This means that in less than 30 seconds the motorcycle will be ready to ride again.

The stations consider a subscription method for energy that will be adjusted to the needs of each driver. As a result, it is estimated that there will be a 15% saving in charging for urban users and an average of 25% for last-mile delivery drivers, compared to a traditional motorcycle.

For Copec’s general manager, Arturo Natho, “the alliance with Gogoro will allow us to extend the benefits of electromobility and generate a positive impact on people through a pioneering service in the region.”