Innovation, Business / Published September 25, 2019

Copec launches first 100% solar electric charger in South America

The inauguration of this new technology took place at the Salar del Carmen plant, where SQM produces lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate, essential inputs for the global development of electromobility.

The opening ceremony was led by the executive vice president of Corfo, Pablo Terrazas; the Regional Mayor, Marco Antonio Díaz; Vice President of Operations Potassium Lithium of SQM, Carlos Diaz; and the Development and Management corporate manager of Copec, Leonardo Ljubetic.

The first solar eco-charger in South America operates independently from the power grid (off-grid), fully supplied with solar energy captured through 46 photovoltaic panels, and a lithium battery backup system distributed in nine modules. This innovation will be used to supply the SQM EV fleet between Salar del Carmen and Antofagasta.

In this way, Copec is accompanying its industrial clients, including Codelco and BHP, in innovative electromobility developments, mainly to transport its workers. “We are promoting the birth of a new Copec and creating the corporate structure necessary to invest and develop innovative projects such as the solar eco-charger. Our vision of the future brings together new forms of mobility, renewable energy sources and distributed storage systems, based on artificial intelligence. The initiative we inaugurate today synthesizes this purpose and seeks to encourage national companies to be protagonists of the new industrial era that Chile needs to achieve sustainable development,” Leonardo Ljubetic said.

This important milestone is part of the commitment of Empresas Copec’s subsidiary to promote new mobility towards sustainable development from Chile to the world.