Business / Published February 17, 2023

Copec launches new electroterminal for public transport in Renca

The site is already part of the Metropolitan Transport and will be a new energy charging point for 67 electric public transport buses, thanks to its capacity of 17 high-power chargers (150 kW) and an intelligent monitoring system that will facilitate the operation.

This is the first of 13 new stations to be implemented during the first half of 2023, which, together with an electro-terminal located in Antofagasta (the first outside the Metropolitan Region), represent an investment of nearly US$30 million for the company.

Arturo Natho, CEO of Copec, said that there is currently a plan to incorporate new loading points on the road from La Serena to Arauco and, over the next few months, new chargers will also be implemented in Puerto Montt.