Innovation, Acknowledgments / Published March 24, 2023

Copec ranks among the three most innovative companies in Latin America

Fast Company published its selection of the 10 most innovative firms in Latin America, from among 540 initiatives that are redefining the way of doing business in the region, in areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and energy.

The subsidiary Copec Voltex ranked third in the “Most Innovative Companies of 2023” ranking of the leading U.S. business magazine, for its contributions to the development of electromobility, through the design and implementation of charging solutions and infrastructure for electric vehicles, both for public and private transportation.

“In the midst of a ‘mega-drought’ in Chile, it’s no wonder that Latin America is coming up with its own solutions to climate change, with Copec Voltex leading the way in electromobility. The company plans to make Chile the country with the second largest fleet of electric public buses in the world after China,” the publication noted.