Sustainability / Published November 18, 2021

EC and subsidiaries executives hold vocational talks to students of the Belén Educa Foundation

For the fifth consecutive year, the Company participated in the event, this time with 272 students from the Arzobispo Crescente Errázuriz school, with whom they talked about their life stories and academic and professional experience. The meeting is part of the commitment of Empresas Copec and its subsidiaries to promote quality education and contribute to the generation of opportunities.

During the day of talks, Empresas Copec CEO, Eduardo Navarro, spoke with the students about their motivations for studying business engineering and how these motivations are present in their daily work. “We ourselves are responsible for our future and each thing we do creates an impact. I invite them to look for your talents, to strive for what you want to achieve, to set goals and objectives, and also to know when to ask for help. There are no limits when it comes to going far, and it is not impossible to fulfill dreams, regardless of our life context or history,” he said.

The dialogue with Silvia Baeza, Alxar’s Corporate Affairs Manager, focused on the importance of continuous learning in student and professional life. She also highlighted the evolution of gender parity, both at university and corporate level, underlining the increased presence of women in the top management of companies.

Gonzalo Zegers, ARAUCO’s Vice President for International and New Business, emphasized the importance of professional technical education and how training in this area can contribute to the development of key skills and strengths for today’s industry. For example, he explained the actions that the company is taking to promote opportunities in these areas, in alliance with professional institutes.

Finally, the students actively talked to Joaquín Cruz, Abastible CEO, who spoke about the important challenge of making decisions after high school, telling his experience in the dilemma between two passions: sports and a professional career. Also, to inspire young people to continue with their studies, he shared aspects of his academic and work experience at Empresas Copec.