Sustainability / Published June 11, 2021

Empresas Copec and Belén Educa Foundation launch English tutoring program

With the aim of giving second and third grade students the opportunity to practice and enhance the learning of this language, this initiative was launched, where executives of the Company and its subsidiaries will participate as tutors.

Through online sessions, the students will be able to share ideas on various topics by speaking English with their tutors.

The program is organized around three pillars: meaningful communication on current topics, linguistic contexts that respond to the students’ curricular requirements, and experiences that promote the development of fluency in the foreign language.

During the launch of this initiative, Empresas Copec CEO, Eduardo Navarro, emphasized the importance of the use of this language. “In a globalized world, today more than ever it is essential to be fluent in English, as this language opens many doors not only in the workplace but also in the academic world. For this reason, as a Company, we felt it was important to support this program. I congratulate the young participants because, I am sure, they will have a competitive advantage and new and better opportunities in the future.