Sustainability / Published June 3, 2019

Empresas Copec awarded “Anacleto Angelini Fabbri” 2019 Scholarship

Since 2006, the business group has given this award to be used to finance higher education studies and that, at present, provides maintenance and support to young people recognized for their high academic performance and commitment to the educational values ​​of the Belén Educa Foundation.

This emotional ceremony was attended by directors and executives of the business group and Belén Educa Foundation, scholarship students and their families. This year, eight students graduated from the Foundation received the “Anacleto Angelini Fabbri” scholarship, as a deserved recognition for their effort, perseverance and commitment. It should be noted that 98 former students have been awarded this benefit in previous years, 38 of which are already graduated.

Empresas Copec Chairman, Roberto Angelini, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the Belén Educa Foundation, an alliance that turned 13 years old in 2019. “During this crusade, we have witnessed the tremendous and inspiring work done by the team of this institution that, in 18 years of history has delivered new training, value ​​and personal growth tools to the more than 7,500 students who have gone through their classrooms,” he said.

He also stressed the importance of having a quality educational system to which everyone has access. “These young people have been given real opportunities, not only to change their own destinies and fulfill their most personal desires, but also to transform our country and, consequently, the lives of other people. Currently, education faces several challenges, and as Empresas Copec we will continue working to be a contribution to the professional development of students of excellence. They are the future leaders of our companies, of Chile and, why not, of the world,” he said.