Sustainability / Published June 11, 2021

Empresas Copec awards “Anacleto Angelini Fabri Academic Excellence Scholarships”

In line with its commitment to promote quality education in the most vulnerable sectors of the country, since 2006 the Company has annually awarded this benefit to outstanding students from Belén Educa Foundation schools.

The “Anacleto Angelini Fabbri Excellence Scholarship” includes an Accompaniment Program aimed at students who have benefited from free education in institutions affiliated to it, as well as an annual financial support scholarship and professional support.

On this occasion, eight students received this benefit in an emotional virtual ceremony, attended by their families, executives and employees of the Belén Educa Foundation and Empresas Copec.

During the ceremony, Empresas Copec’s Chairman, Roberto Angelini, highlighted the excellent work carried out by the Belén Educa Foundation during the health crisis, whose main objective has been to prevent school dropouts. Indeed, thanks to various initiatives, during the pandemic this institution has managed to keep 99.9% of its students connected and participating in classes.

Angelini also congratulated and motivated the young scholarship recipients to work and strive to fulfill their goals and dreams, always guided by values such as perseverance, adaptability, collaboration, resilience and flexibility. “Today, more than ever, we need technicians and professionals committed to the development and growth of the country. To this end, it is essential to train leaders with the skills and competencies required by the new times, but also with all those values that will allow us to make a greater contribution to society and build a more reliable and sustainable world for future generations,” he said.

Belén Educa Foundation’s executive director, Pedro Larraín, thanked Empresas Copec for its 15 years of support. “Thanks to their support we can continue to strengthen our educational programs. They have helped us a lot with the continuity of studies which, despite the national situation, in our case remained at a level that allows us to continue dreaming.”

Finally, Michelle Vásquez, a former student of one of the Foundation’s schools, who is now studying Management Engineering with a specialization in Finance, said excitedly: “My heart is filled with pride because it has not been an easy road. We are humble young people, we struggle, we fight for what we want. I am very happy for this scholarship because it rewards the effort of so much time. It is so gratifying to receive your love and support. Thank you very much for all the opportunities you give us, I will never be able to thank you for everything you have done for me.”