Acknowledgments / Published September 26, 2022

Empresas Copec CEO recognized as one of the 500 most influential executives in Latam

Eduardo Navarro was featured in the new edition of Bloomberg Linea’s ranking “The 500 most influential people in Latin America 2022”, a list that this year brings together a select group of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes in the region, without considering their personal fortunes, but the value they bring to their specific sectors, both by creating new jobs and by supporting relevant initiatives and local economies.

On this occasion, startup CEOs and founders were included in the list for the first time. Thus, Eduardo Navarro was highlighted along with 12 other Chileans from the business world for their contribution, from their different fields and areas, to face the various social and economic challenges of the region.

In particular, Eduardo Navarro, who has led the Company since 2003, was distinguished for his role in one of the most important business groups in Latin America, with operations in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, among others.

For this ranking, Bloomberg Línea’s editorial team conducted a study in more than 20 countries in the region, analyzing factors such as employment generation, innovations or investments that have boosted economic activity.