Sustainability / Published November 26, 2020

Empresas Copec joins global sustainable development network

On November 9, the Company became part of Acción Empresas, an organization that brings together more than 130 leading firms seeking to manage their businesses based on competitiveness and sustainability.

In Chile, Acción Empresas represents the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and, through various instances, its purpose is to position sustainability as a necessary business vision to build a more inclusive and equal society.

This network works based on linking organizations with their peers, the State, civil society, academia and international organizations. It is also a platform for learning and business development as it promotes training of professionals that today make up companies, nurturing them with global trends and practices in sustainability.

Empresas Copec’s decision to join this network is part of a strategy that includes various initiatives in this area, intended to make further progress in its commitment to a more sustainable world.

“As partners of Acción Empresas, we have an excellent opportunity to contribute, through various instances, to promoting the sustainable development of our country. In addition, it is a valuable platform to share good practices in sustainability with other organizations,” says Pamela Harris, Empresas Copec Director of Corporate Affairs.