Acknowledgments / Published November 29, 2022

Empresas Copec leads for the fourth time “La Voz del Mercado”

The Company was recognized as one of the three Chilean publicly traded companies with the best evaluation in corporate governance.

The study, conducted by EY, the Santiago Stock Exchange and the Chilean Institute of Directors, analyzes the perception of almost 500 directors, analysts, academics and other stakeholders regarding five pillars: profitability, equity protection, transparency, participation and social sustainability, as part of the relevance that corporate governance assigns to ESG factors.

In addition to the Company, the banks BCI and Santander were also awarded. Cencosud received a special award for its outstanding improvement in this area.

In this regard, Eduardo Navarro, CEO of Empresas Copec, commented: “First of all, I would like to thank EY, the Santiago Stock Exchange and the Chilean Institute of Directors for this important award, which fills us with pride and, at the same time, encourages us to continue improving and promoting best practices in corporate governance, a key pillar in our sustainability strategy.

At Empresas Copec we think in decades, always in the long term, and we understand that a company is only sustainable if ESG issues are at the center of all its decisions and intrinsic to the business. This is also essential to contribute to regaining trust, one of the great challenges facing companies, both locally and globally.

I would also like to congratulate the other winners, BCI, Cencosud and Banco Santander, for this well-deserved recognition”.