Sustainability / Published May 22, 2023

Flux Solar delivers energy to 1,000 families

Of the total number of homes, 790 belong to the Casa Solar program, which is promoted by the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Sustainability Agency. The remaining units correspond to projects of private users. All of them will have photovoltaic generation systems.

The incorporation of solar energy for self-consumption on the roofs of houses reduces dependence on the electricity grid at the residential level, reduces traditional energy consumption by an average of 70% and reduces carbon emissions. In terms of environmental impact, the energy generated in a total of 1,000 homes is equivalent to a reduction of 3,145 tons of CO2 per year.

In this regard, David Rau, manager of Copec’s Flux Solar, said: “We have managed to supply and install more than 42 MW of renewable energy in Chile. This is not only through our individual residential projects and collective programs, but also through what we are doing in the distributed generation sector with the PMGD (Small Means of Distributed Generation, for its acronym in Spanish) plants that we are developing in different regions. Of the 23 that are part of our portfolio, we have three that are already injecting clean energy into the central interconnected system.”