Innovation / Published May 23, 2022

Fundación Belén Educa and Empresas Copec launch new version of the Tutoring Program and Copec for English

This initiative, where the Company has been participating since 2009, is intended to guide high school students through a series of activities where executives, who fulfill the role of tutors, meet monthly with students to accompany and guide them on the road to their professional development, helping them to enhance their talents and find their vocation. This year, 50 tutors are participating, including two from abroad.

Since the beginning of this initiative, very positive results have been obtained. For example, of the total number of young people who participated in the 2021 Tutoring Program, 43% entered university in 2022 and 30% entered professional institutes.

The launch of a new version of this initiative was attended by executives, teachers and students of Fundación Belén Educa, and executives of Empresas Copec and its subsidiaries.

Roberto Angelini, Chairman of Empresas Copec, opened the meeting by thanking all those involved in this program, which is so important for the company. “Companies have an important role to play in society. We must be part of the solutions to the problems facing humanity today. Thus, promoting access to quality education for all children and young people in the country is a huge challenge to which the founder of this Business Group, Mr. Anacleto Angelini, and his wife María Noseda joined many years ago. A legacy that has inspired us for decades and that we have instilled in the new generations that lead these companies. But there is still a long way to go. We are going step by step, with conviction, commitment and optimism,” he said.

Copec’s Chairman also said that although the tutors come from different industries, professions and companies, “they agree that fulfilling this role is inspiring and a great learning and growth space for each one of them”, he said.

The ceremony also marked the start of the Copec for English program, which follows the same dynamic as the tutorials, but in which conversations are in English so students can practice this language.

Pedro Larraín, director of Fundación Belén Educa, gave a message to the students inviting them to take advantage of this opportunity for joint growth, highlighting the impact they have on the lives of their tutors. “Dear students: you are the how, the purpose for which we are all here. Feel privileged because there is a group of people who are working with great commitment and dedication so that you can develop to the fullest,” he concluded.