Sustainability / Published February 17, 2021

Golden Omega obtains Green-e™ Energy certification for its use of clean energy

The company specialized in the production of high-quality Omega-3 concentrates for the food and nutraceutical industry is the first in its category, globally, to obtain this recognition that certifies that all processes at its Arica plant are carried out using electricity from carbon-free, renewable

Green-e™ is America’s leading independent program for the verification and certification of renewable energy and carbon offsets, widely recognized in international markets. It should be noted that only two companies in Chile have obtained this certification.

This important recognition is a further step forward in the process started in 2018 from an agreement signed with power generator Colbún and renewed in 2020, under which Golden Omega commits to operate until 2026 using exclusively electricity from zero-emission, renewable sources, including hydroelectric, wind and solar. Colbún, meanwhile, shall supply Golden Omega with this Green-e ™ certified energy. This way, the 9 GWh per year used in the company's facilities have a clean origin, contributing to the country's goal of injecting 70% of NCRE into the energy matrix by 2030, with the aim of reducing emissions and avoid increasing global warming.

Jorge Brahm, chief executive officer at Golden Omega, said that for the Empresas Copec subsidiary it is key that sustainability and concern for the environment play a central role in each area of its activities, both productive and commercial. “In the context in which Golden Omega operates, with target markets located mainly in developed countries, the concept of sustainability takes on a fundamental aspect. End users in the United States, Europe and Asia are very concerned about the origin of the products they consume, their manufacturing process and, by the way, where the energy used to make them comes from. This aspect is key for Golden Omega, which goes out into the world from Arica to compete with large international players, in demanding markets where
customers value the sustainability of our operations,” said Brahm.