Sustainability / Published March 26, 2021

Orizon renews its purpose: Leading sustainable nutrition from the sea

Empresas Copec’s subsidiary recently made a commitment to be the amplifier of the positive impact created by the ocean, and, on that path, the fishing company updated its purpose: lead sustainable nutrition from the sea. This way of being and doing business translated into recognizing as its own challenges several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by UN, including Zero Hunger or Creation of Infrastructure and Innovation. But, first and foremost, it involved making a deep and daily commitment to sustainability, establishing it as mainstay of its business strategy.

“As a consequence of this change, we also revamped the brand image of the fishing business, to reflect everything that leads us to understand the sea as a source of life and as the frontier of the nutrition of tomorrow. This commitment also seeks to create impacts based on the major and growing challenges of society,” says Cristián Larraín, business and sustainability manager at Orizon.

The executive explains that a sustainability-based business strategy involves a compromised and transparent relationship with suppliers, sustainable, traceable food processing, and an operation that meets regulations, and even goes beyond. He emphasizes that horse mackerel has become a 100% renewable resource, with a healthy biomass, after years of cooperative work with the scientific community and the authorities.

“The ocean has a huge potential. The healthiest, richest and most nutritive comes from it, but in Chile fish consumption is very low. Our commitment is to bring the best that the sea can deliver to Chileans’ diet. We want fish to be at their tables, and in versatile and practical ways. Therefore, as Orizon we will seek to continue innovating and surprising, always with sustainability at the heart,” says Larraín.