Sustainability / Published December 21, 2021

Abastible and AquaChile develop co-generation project to maximize energy use

In order to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to energy efficiency, the companies became strategic partners to implement a new integrated solution that will allow the migration of AquaChile’s Hollemberg fish farm operations from oil to liquefied gas.

The Hollemberg fish farm, located 20 km from Puerto Natales, is part of a change driven by the aquaculture company to move salmon farms from lakes to land, a process that requires electrical energy to recirculate water and move pumps, among other activities. Key to this transition has been the joint work with Abastible, in a collaboration where 35% savings of the current cost of the plant’s consumption are projected.

According to Ignacio Mackenna, commercial manager of Abastible Bulk and Solutions, the implementation “is a sign of confidence from this leading company in the aquaculture industry towards our team that advises and works to improve the performance of fish farming towards a more sustainable operation”.

Benjamín Morandé, AquaChile’s production project manager, said: “it has been a good experience working with Abastible’s professionals and we hope to be operating the liquefied gas cogeneration at Hollemberg early next year”.