Innovation, Business / Published June 16, 2020

ARAUCO starts operation of its dissolving pulp mill

On June 9, the first bales of dissolving pulp were manufactured at the Valdivia Pulp Mill, in the Mariquina commune, Los Ríos region. With an investment of close to US$ 200 million, this major milestone for the company marks the culmination of almost three years of work.

Thanks to this unique, pioneering innovation in Chile, other pulp formats will be produced that are used as raw materials to manufacture viscose or rayon fabric for clothing or tapestries, among others.

ARAUCO adapted its facility at the Valdivia Pulp Mill to move from paper pulp’s production to dissolving pulp’s production. Thus, and through the ARAUCO Create brand, it will manufacture a sustainable fiber that diversifies the company’s offering, allowing it to reach new customers that are seeking renewable products. This, under a global scenario in which consumers are increasingly demanding garments made from organic fabrics and developed with natural raw materials. Dissolving pulp is an innovation that responds to the challenge posed by a sustainable world.

Through state-of-the-art technology and automated processes, this natural and renewable raw material for the textile industry will be produced for the first time in Chile, marking a major milestone in terms of innovation for the Chilean forestry sector.