Innovation / Published May 10, 2023

Copec launches digital payment account

“Copec Pay” is now available, a new feature that allows customers to manage their funds and make different transactions such as paying for fuel, making purchases at Pronto and Punto stores and transfer money to other users. All of the above from a renewed application that will be renamed from “Muevo” to “Copec.”

The subsidiary is the first fuel distributor and energy supplier in the country to enter the financial industry after being authorized to operate as a prepaid card issuer by the Financial Market Commission (CMF) in December 2022.

In a second stage, Copec Pay will launch digital and physical prepaid cards, which can be used to buy in any national and international retailer, extending its use beyond the payment of fuel and convenience stores.

“The digitalization of our services is part of Copec’s transformation process, always focused on our customers, who are the engine that inspires us and drives our efforts.  Understanding people’s needs to make their lives easier has enabled us to innovate and expand our service platforms,” said Arturo Natho, general manager of Copec.