Innovation, Sustainability / Published March 30, 2021

Copec Voltex brings electromobility to taxis

As part of its strategic plan, Copec has posed the challenge of accelerating the energy transition to sustainably address the mobility requirements of the future.

Along this line, and through a partnership with E-Viaja passenger transport service company, Copec Voltex installed smart chargers in drivers’ homes. It will thus contribute to increase the fleet to 40% electric taxis, both in the Metropolitan Region and in the cities of Chile with high pollution rates.

Maintenance and monitoring services to optimize the operation of the fleet are added to the chargers. The agreement also establishes preferential rates throughout the Copec Voltex charging network in service stations and public spaces.

Francisco Larrondo, CEO at Copec Voltex, explained that: “This alliance shows that electromobility becomes viable and close to people. We started this path in service stations, we reach industrial, residential customers, public transport, and now the electric taxi segment, installing the necessary charging infrastructure so that the benefits of electromobility reach more people every day”.

This way, and thanks to this partnership, travelling in a comfortable and silent electric taxi, with a lower fare than a conventional passenger vehicle, while reducing the carbon footprint, it is a reality today in Chile.